Real Life Vs. On-Camera Makeup

Most people understand that there is a difference between makeup for everyday life and makeup which is appropriate for on-camera.

However, the common misconception is that on-camera makeup is the same as an everyday look just, much heavier.

The reality is that in today’s high definition world (more so for 4K) the gap between real life and on-camera is dramatically reduced.

If anything, hair and makeup for the purposes of video production, needs to be

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Is hair & makeup really necessary for my corporate video?

There is a common misconception that if the talent are male, naturally beautiful or you’re after a natural look, that hair and makeup is an unnecessary component of the video making process.

Alternatively, where hair and makeup has been incorporated into a shoot, sometimes one can allow insufficient time for this part of the process on the basis that we “won’t have to do much, she is pretty” or “we want them to look natural”.

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