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Welcome to our professional services video portfolio, showcasing a selection of key video production projects.

When it comes to producing videos for our clients, Rocket Productions’ team is comprised of some of the best talent from all around Australia. Our team members have experience in pre-production, production and post-production for film, television and online video. We know all of the ins and outs of what goes into a successful video production project, and we know how to make it spectacular, whether it’s a simple interview or something more elaborate.

I’ve engaged Rocket for a number of internal, and client-facing animation and video production projects. The team is very slick, easy to work with and flexible. I enjoy their agency-like approach: it is great to see a suite of options and price points, including innovative ways to address project challenges. Very impressive!

Kane Dowsett | Brand, Communications & Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific Clifford Chance

If you’re looking for a truly creative and professional video solution, you must work with Rocket Productions. We’ve teamed with them on a number of videos over the last few years and have always been delighted with the outcome. Ajit really knows his stuff and brings great ideas to the table. Supported by his team, the results are always fantastic.

Kersten Norlin, Head of Marketing and BD, Gilbert + Tobin


Legal Videos | Professional Services Video Production

No matter what area of the professional services sector your firm is in, from architects, auditors, to engineers, doctors and lawyers (legal videos), Rocket Productions can produce a video or series of videos for your firm that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Whether that audience is potential clients, clients, prospective employees or staff members, we’ll help you tell your story.

Video – the perfect way to connect with your audience

The music, the faces on screen, the trusted advisor positioning – there’s just something about video that leaves a lasting impression on us, and a great video is often infinitely more memorable than a print ad or a piece of plain text copy. At Rocket Productions, we make it a priority to create videos for our clients that leave a strong impression on the audience. We also understand that a video doesn’t always have to be flashy or full of elaborate special effects to be effective. Sometimes, even a simple piece to camera can be all you need to make an impact, provided that it’s still professionally produced and the sound quality is impeccable.

Of course, if you want flashy, we can do that too. Our team is comprised of the best talent in the realms of motion graphics, 2D animation, 3D animation, and special effects such as super slow-motion, timelapse and special colour grading. To see the full list of services and skills we can bring to the table, visit our Services page.

Internal videos for professional services clients

Sometimes, training videos and other pre-prepared visual aids can be the most efficient and effective way to start training and inducting new staff members to your firm. Rocket Productions has had experience in directing, filming and producing professional internal training videos and resources for a wide range of clients in the professional services industry. We can produce:

We sit down with you and your team first to get to know what your business is all about. Whether you already have a team to help work on the video production project and just need some guidance, or whether you want to employ a full team to handle things for you from start to finish, Rocket Productions is your video production company for the job.

Meet our team of professionals

The Rocket team have decades of combined experience in creating videos for a range of different clients in various industries. From videographers, hair & makeup artists, to wardrobe stylists, talent casting experts, actors, animators and more, we work with the best in the industry. It’s this experience that has seen us win awards in the past for our creative and professional video production. Find out more about our expert team, and don’t forget to check out our award-winning video for UTS: Insearch.

Notably, our Executive Producer’s background in law gives an edge to the videos that we produce for our professional services clients including legal videos.  This understanding of and experience with the nuances of marketing in professional services better positions you to innovate rather than catch up.

Recruitment videos for the professional services industry

When you’re looking to attract high-calibre new staff to your firm, it’s just as important to “sell” your brand to prospective talent as it is to promote your great services to potential clients & customers. At Rocket Productions, we work closely with our clients to produce effective recruitment videos that show potential employees just how great it is to work with your firm. Past projects we’ve completed include a video for Gilbert & Tobin in which a summer clerk takes us through a typical day in the life of an employee at the firm.

Planning a professional services video? As a full service video production company, our team can assist you with the entire video production process. If you would like to find out how we can help your project succeed, say hello on (02) 9955 2681 or contact us online today. Our crew regularly shoots and produces professional services videos in Sydney and throughout Australia, so we welcome the opportunity to learn about your video project wherever you’re planning for it to be.

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