3D Animation

Professional 3D computer animation for video

Give your video the edge with a range of professional 3D computer animation services from Rocket Productions.

When you think of 3D video animation, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a full-length animated Pixar or DreamWorks movie starring an assortment of toys, fish, penguins or dragons running around on screen… These big-budget animation studio movies are definitely one aspect of 3D animation, but there are also many other types of video animation that can be used to enhance the look and feel of almost any type of video project – from corporate videos, to TV commercials and web series.

Different uses for 3D video animation

3D animation can be as simple as a few animated words or a logo that appears on screen at the start or end of a clip, or it can be as complex as a fully animated scene or full-length video, with special effects like explosions, animated characters and virtual worlds – the likes of which are often seen in blockbuster action and sci-fi films. Videos can be either completely animated, or certain scenes, elements or animated characters can be combined with live action.

Even if you didn’t want to go to full Avatar-proportions with your video, 3D animation can still be effective when used in simple ways. Animation can be a great tool to explain your company’s concept, product or service in an easy to understand way, and can be more engaging and memorable than static pictures. Different types of 3D visualisations can include things like animated infographics, charts or graphs which appear on screen while the narrator explains what the audience is seeing. Or, you can create a 3D animated character for your company who makes guest appearances in all of your videos. You can even use 3D animation to provide a product demonstration or a realistic virtual tour of your company’s headquarters or offices. With 3D computer animation, the creative possibilities are virtually endless.

Cost benefits of computer animation

Many people think that having a 3D video made will be more pricey than simply hiring some actors and filming a live action video. However, that might not always be the case. A 3D animator can produce a lot of scenes for a video (or even an entire video), all with just the use of a computer and some software. You can get the whole visual aspect of the video done without having to pay to hire actors, camera gear, sets, props, or studio time. With 3D animation, there’s also no need to re-film takes if someone makes a mistake or walks into your shot, so there’s less potential for the whole project to fall behind schedule.

The experts in animated video production

Rocket Productions are highly experienced in all types of animated video production. We work with leading animators with experience in high end 3D animation and cutting edge 3D animation programs.

What’s more is that we won’t just do the graphics for you. Our 3D animation services come part and parcel with our expert knowledge and consulting services. We’ll work with your team to identify the audience, purpose, and ultimate goals of your video. Then, based on those important insights, we’ll help you determine the best possible use of 3D motion graphics for your particular project. If needed, our Director will also be on hand to work closely with the computer animator to ensure that the style of the 3D animation will complement the visual style of the rest of the video.

To find out more about our 3D animation services, get in touch with the team at Rocket today.