Aerial Filming
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Sometimes the best angle is from above. Whether it’s by drone or by helicopter for a corporate, commercial or event video, no matter your aerial filming desires; Rocket has got you covered! We’ll make sure you get the aerial shots you dream of in your next video.

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Aerial Showreel


Over the past few years, we’ve seen a huge influx in drones… and rightfully so. Drones open up the
world of filming and offer an easily accessible new perspective. Through flying drones, people are
able to share the view with the birds from the comfort of the ground.
There are any number of shots you can easily achieve using a drone. For example…


Bird’s eye


Today there is a market full of drones, all with their own set of pros and cons and with their own price
tag. When flying these UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) it’s important to bear in mind the rules,
regulations, and safety measures. Read more about that here and on CASA’s Can I Fly There site.

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Getting your aerial shots from a helicopter may be more expensive, but this approach can leave you
with a higher quality video. Similar to drone-ing, there are a number of rules, approvals, certifications
and legal compliances tied to filming from a helicopter, so let us help organise your next aerial shoot.

Rocket Productions is a full service video production company. This means that we assist you with the
entire video production process, from start to finish. If you have an upcoming aerial video project and
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