Video production companies Sydney

If you’ve been searching high and low for video production companies, Sydney wide, then look no further – you’ve just found your ideal video production company.

Rocket Productions is a Sydney based production company which focuses on making the most creative, entertaining, and informative videos for all of our clients. Through our extensive knowledge of different industries, we know the best way to make your video concept come to life, and most importantly, in a way that’s going to help you achieve your business goals.

A full range of pre-production, production, and post-production services

If you’re looking to get a video made, a great place to start is by contacting a professional company like Rocket Productions. We know the exact step by step process that’s required to get the ball rolling on a video production project. Before anything starts, there’s a large amount of pre-production planning that needs to take place to ensure there’s a specific goal, filming schedule, and timeframe laid out for the project.

When it comes time to actually start shooting the video, Rocket Productions works with the best directors, cinematographers, hair & makeup artists, actors, and voice over artists in the industry, all of whom have experience in film and TV, both in Australia and overseas. We only hire the top talent to manage, film, dress and star in your video, so you can be assured that you’re only ever working with best professionals around.

Then, once all of the filming is done, it’s time for the magic to happen in the post-production phase. We have access to the best talent in video editing, colour grading, special visual effects, computer animation and more. We take the raw footage and make it into something that’s polished, professional, and visually stunning.

The benefits of letting professional video production companies handle your video project

There’s no doubt that asking your friends or employees to film, direct, or even star in your video can be a cheap and affordable way to get a video made. However, it may end up costing you a lot more if the video project runs over time and budget due having to re-do things because of a lack of skill and knowledge.

Employing the services of a professional video agency will ensure that you’ve got a clear plan in place for the video and what you want it to achieve for your business – whether you’re looking to gain more customers, hire new staff members, increase online sales, or increase your brand awareness. Professional video production companies will know exactly how to tailor the video, depending on your target audience, and how to get the maximum impact and results out of the project.

The best video production technology & software available

Video production companies also have a whole range of technology, camera gear, special effect equipment, lighting, and editing programs and software that only professionals have access to. So you can be assured that only the latest and greatest gadgets and programs are being used to put together your video, which will give you the sleek, polished look you want.

Great videos, measurable results

At Rocket Productions, we want to help you create a video that your company is proud of. A video that you’re proud to share around on your company’s website, social networks, and online marketing material, as well as on national (or international TV) if that’s your goal. But, we also understand that when you invest money in something like video, you want to ensure that you actually get a great ROI too. Rocket Productions works to ensure that we set clear goals for your video project, and measure and track their progress.

We’ve created videos that have won awards for their creativity and impact. Check out one of our award-winning videos now, which we created for our client, UTS: Insearch. The video generated over 59,000 views, and the campaign produced 80% more student enquiries with over 40,000 visits to the landing page soon after its launch.

Want to find out more about why Rocket Productions is one of the best Sydney production companies there is? Experience our services for yourself, or call today to chat with the team to find out more. Get in touch >>