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Welcome to our social media video production portfolio, showcasing a selection of our Facebook, explainer and content marketing promotional videos.

With the proliferation of internet enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets, people are consuming more video content than ever before. Video content marketing, including social media videos, is being created and shared all the time and with a growing interest in watching videos on demand, that video content is an essential form of communication for both consumers and marketing professionals.

For communication, advertising and marketing professionals looking to grow and expand their respective businesses, video content, particularly on mobile, is becoming critical to achieving a successful content marketing strategy.

The essence of video is to combine movement, sight and sound to create emotive experiences that are, when at their best, moving and inspirational.

By creating great video and branded content, marketers can further drive sales, awareness and enquiries.

As a result, social media marketing channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are critical for communicating with your audience and customers. Video content gets your audience interested in you and your services much more effectively than text or still photos.

EY_Logo_Beam_Tag_Stacked_RGB_EN“AJ and his team at Rocket Productions are my ‘go to’ people for high quality multi-media production.  When I need a reliable production team to help me spice up my project and deliver a memorable message for a client, they are a safe bet.  They’re agile, flexible, creative and above all easy to work with.  Highly recommend you give them a go.”

Michelle Saddington | EY Brand Marketing & Communications Director, Financial Services Asia Pacific


Social Media Marketing & Online Video Production

Depending on what your overall business and organisational goals are, Rocket are able to produce various types of social media video and online video content for your company, such as Facebook videos. Here’s some of the videos we produce:

Instagram Videos – these are extremely. They allow you share your stories using a tone of voice that is fun, cool and engaging. Remember, it’s really important to appeal to emotions with this medium. It also allows you to get super creative.

Explainer Videos - If your organisation or brand offers a unique type of service or product which is completely new, or perhaps a little hard to understand, then an explainer video could be the best way to ensure that your potential and existing customers are on the same page as you, and know exactly what it is that you can offer them to help grow their business.

Branded Content - Are you trying to reach your customers in new and innovative ways? Then branded video content should be a key component of your overall content marketing strategy. Various studies predict that by 2019, ‘smart devices’ will account for more than 50% of all devices connected to the internet and 72% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video. By creating great online video content that promotes and explains your brand effectively is critical to reach targeted customers on mobile devices.

Promotional Videos – The purpose of most videos is to encourage the viewer to take action – to pick up the phone and ring you, send you an email, or even just visit your website for more information. Rocket Productions focuses on creating video content which will encourage your audience to do just that and engage with your ‘call to action’. The idea is that your audience will like what they see so much in the short video, that they’ll be motivated to find out more about your business. Studies have shown that an introductory company email that includes a video receives an increased click-through rate by 96% (source: Digital Sherpa), which just goes to show how powerful video can be as a tool to getting those customers into your sales funnel.

Find out more about social media marketing and Facebook video production. Contact the team at Rocket Productions today.