Rocket Productions uses the latest equipment for every step of the video production process. From storyboard and scheduling applications, to the latest High Definition cameras that shoot at very high frame rates, in 4K and with high end master prime lenses. The cinematographers maintain all production equipment to a high standard to ensure smooth running during shoots. Other equipment includes drones, gimbals for smooth tracking shots, the latest sound recording and monitoring gear, high end lighting including LED’s, fluoros and HMIs including various 1K and 2K lights and both wired and wireless HD monitoring systems. On the post production side of things, our editors and animators work with industry standard editing systems such as Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Da Vinci Resolve.

video production equipment




  • How much time will you need to allow from pre-production all the way through to sign off on the final video? Every production is different, and if your project is urgent, often this can be done on a day’s notice or possibly even sooner. As the crew at Rocket Productions don’t have to hire equipment, this makes things happen a lot quicker.
  • Where will you get all the video and sound recording equipment needed to make a video that looks and sounds professional? Our crew generally own their own equipment and maintain it to a high standard.  This way the chances of equipment failure with 3rd party hired equipment are vastly minimised.
  • Will we be able to to see the shots are you are filming? Yes, we use top of the line video monitors so that you can see what’s being filmed. It’s a great way for you to see the action during the shoot rather than wait to see it in the edit later.  It allows for changing the shots to your liking if required, then and there.

Let’s talk about your video production project. Meet the team at Rocket Productions by calling (02) 9955 2681 or sending us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!