Green Screen

Green Screen Video Production

Shooting with a green screen allows your video production to have virtually unlimited creativity options in the post-production process. Green screens offer you the ability to superimpose imagery and backgrounds into your video with ease, whether you would like a detailed background environment or something as simple as your company logo. For a corporate video, green screens provide you with a creative platform for visually enhancing your speaker’s message and illustrating your spoken points with imagination.

As a full-service video production company who regularly conducts green screen shoots Sydney wide, we have the expertise and experience to appropriately source and recommend the most suitable green screen facility for your project based on your specific requirements.

Green screen Sydney facility advice

Your objective, requirements and budget will play a deciding role on the specific green screen facility selected. Green screen rates are often determined by the length of time you need to film for and what other facilities you need to use at the studio, such as lighting or sound studio hire.

Green screen benefits

The major benefits of using green screens in video production include:

  • Creative options: during the post-production phase, green screen allows for virtually unlimited options
  • Simplicity of scene production: reducing the need for additional location scouting
  • Time savings: green screen video production is not restricted to a certain time of day

Green screens and chroma key video production

A chroma key, or more commonly known as a ‘Green Screen’ is the process of filming in front of a particular type of green screen and then superimposing an image or graphic into the background in place of the green colour. This may be done simultaneously at the time of filming (such as in the case of a live news broadcast or weather report), or in post-production (such as in big feature films or TV series, where large special effects teams including animators and motion graphics artists will superimpose the necessary Computer-Generated Imagery, or CGI, into the scene).

Without getting too much into the technicalities of how it works, basically cameras can use a chroma key to single out a particular colour in a filmed scene, and choose to replace it with something else entirely (like another colour or CGI effects)

One of our most common questions when shooting with a green screen is ‘why is the colour green used, and not another colour like red or purple?’ Green and even blue backgrounds (blue is more commonly used in Hollywood for big-budget feature films) are almost always used because they differ most distinctly in hue from most human skin colours, which help ensure that your actors appear fully on screen (no mysteriously missing arms or heads during the final scene!)

If you have an upcoming video production project and are wondering about green screen options, you are welcome to ask our team your questions by calling (02) 9955 2681 or contacting us online.