Scriptwriting Services

The right words and images combined make all the difference when you’re aiming to create an effective and engaging video. But video production scripting is very different from most other types of writing, as it’s not just the spoken words you need to consider. The script of the video encompasses everything from what the speakers will say, to who the speakers will be and the body language used by the individuals in the video, right through to the lighting, camera angles and location the video will be shot in. All of these smaller elements combine to comprise the overall script of the video.

Why is scriptwriting so important?

  • Helps you stay consistent with your brief – Writing a good script helps your video to stay consistent with your brief and concept. It will also save you having to go back reshoot something in the event that you’ve missed an important message, and will save you a mountain of time.
  • Ensures everyone in your video knows exactly what they’re saying – This seems like an obvious one, but scripting your video meticulously is paramount if you want the right brand message to come across. It ensures that nobody is left in front of the camera just “saying what comes naturally”, as making things up on the spot can lead to lots of mistakes, stutters, “ums” and “ahs”, and consequently, hours re-filming take after take. If your video is an interview with someone, then you should carefully script your questions in a way that is likely to encourage the interviewee to say what you want to say about your brand.
  • Keeps your audience engaged – A well thought-out script will ensure that your audience has a reason to keep watching. Even if it’s a short video, it should have a clear narrative that the audience can follow from beginning, to middle, to end. Scripting your video well will also ensure that any characters in the video come off as genuine, likeable and relatable.

What kind of script does my video need?

How a script is written depends on what the video production requires.  A corporate video or brand film will be written differently to a pitch video, animation or television commercial. A 2-minute corporate video may involve dialogue from your staff and follow a different style of storytelling to a 30 second TV commercial. The script writing for an animation is different again, and is often done with the aim of using a professional voice over artist to deliver the lines that the visuals will accompany.

Finding the best video script writing services for your production

If you’re feeling confused about what kind of script your video idea needs, then the script writing team at Rocket Productions can help. We all have advertising and marketing backgrounds, and we bring this level of expertise to your video or TV commercial. Our scriptwriters have decades of experience in writing scripts for a variety of different media channels (including online and TV). We’ve also had extensive experience creating animated videos.

To see how we can create a script that will truly bring your video to life and engage your audience, call (02) 9955 2681 or use our contact form.