Rocket Productions is a production house offering professional video production casting services for your upcoming video project.

One of the most important decisions involved with producing a video is casting talent, as the decision to hire an actor can make a significant difference to the effectiveness of your on camera communication.

Whether you’re making a corporate video, a recruitment video, or a TV commercial, different video concepts call for different types of talent. A corporate video will require someone who can deliver information to the camera in an informative, concise and engaging way to keep your audience glued to the screen. A TV commercial or web series, on the other hand, may need someone more creative, who can portray a fictional character and tug at the audience’s heartstrings (or make them laugh) to ensure your video really leaves a lasting impact.





We frequently get asked about whether or not our clients should hire an actor for their video. The short answer is, it depends.

Many people attempt to keep costs low when making a video, and decide to use members of their team to be the stars of their production. This can work well if you have people who can perform while at the same time look natural in front of the camera. In many cases, however, even someone who is charismatic, outgoing and a strong presenter in real life can suddenly clam up, get nervous, and make mistakes when they have a camera in front of their face. And understandably so – for anyone without extensive experience being filmed, it can be intimidating to have a camera pointed at them while being expected to act and sound natural, let alone remember all of their lines! And the more takes are required to get your video production right, the longer the video will end up taking to make – which can impact project budgets around hired equipment, studio time and crew costs. In many cases, the decision to hire an actor can save time and actually reduce the total project cost while providing a superior finished product.

Professional actors will know exactly what to expect when the cameras start rolling. Nerves are managed well, and you can be assured that you’ll get the perfect take quickly and easily.



If you do decide to professionally cast your video, selecting the right acting talent is crucial. The presence of a strong actor on screen can ultimately determine whether or not your audience really connects with your video and understands what your brand is all about.

An actor should be charismatic, have a real screen presence, and be able to make the audience feel something – whether it’s anger, sympathy or excitement. The right actor should also look the part, based on your target audience and what your video is about. A middle-aged actor may not be the best casting choice for a recruitment video targeted towards young university graduates, for example.



The process of finding and hiring the right actor for your video can be a lengthy and daunting one – that’s why Rocket productions is here to help. We know how to help find you the right actor for the job.

Our experienced team will work closely with you throughout the pre-production phase to determine what kind of actor your video needs, and deliver a shortlist of candidates who have the right age, gender, type, and skillset.

Rocket Productions has extensive experience in the film and TV industry, and as a result, we have a long list of talented and professional contacts which rank among the best of the best of Sydney’s TV and video industries. We won’t just help you hire someone who’s great in front of the camera either – all the people we work with are reliable, hard-working, creative and willing professionals who always show up on time and are ready to work with you to get the best result for your video possible.

If you need to hire an actor, or multiple actors for your next video project, get in touch with Rocket Productions.