CAD Pre-Check

In Australia, any television commercial or infomercial must be classified by Commercials Advice (Free TV) before they can be broadcast on television. CAD’s pre-check service is free, and it’s best practice to get CAD’s indication of how the television commercial or infomercial might be classified and any special requirements that might need to satisfied prior to the TV commercial being broadcasted.

This pre-check is done during the pre-production phase so that any necessary adjustments can be made during the planning phase to avoid incurring any expenses related to reshooting any non-compliant parts of the video.



Submit your script to CAD as well in advance as possible before you start shooting your video. CAD advise that they require 5 working days to review material and provide their comments. Longer and more complex scripts will take more time.

When you receive the comments, use them to make any necessary changes or omissions to your video. If a large change is required, in your whole concept, consider submitting your revised script again. It’s more time consuming, but will ensure that your video will actually make it onto TV.

After pre-check has been completed, the TVC or infomercial itself needs to be submitted in full via CAD’s online application system to receive a classification and a CAD number so that it can be broadcast on television. CAD will issue a CAD Number after a commercial has been classified, and numbers are valid for 2 years.



Rocket Productions handles all CAD pre-check and classification services for our clients, so you can focus on the creative and business aspects of your video. We’ll take on board any feedback from Commercials Advice, and implement any required changes to your script or concept to ensure that your end result will be CAD compliant and appropriate for broadcast on television.

To find out how we can handle the process of your CAD compliance checks, get in touch with us today.