Visual Effects (VFX)

Visual special effects for video production

Make your video truly stunning and memorable with a full range of visual special effects (VFX) services available from Rocket Productions.

There’s no denying it we humans are visual creatures. We all love something that’s visually appealing and impressive, like beautiful photographs, welldesigned objects and buildings, and beautifully shot videos. Things that look good tend to be more likely to stick in our minds for longer than something that’s a little bland. That’s why if you’re making a video to help sell your product, service or company, it’s extremely important to get the visuals right.

Rocket Productions offers a full range of services in visual effects (VFX) for video, which will take your video to the next level in professionalism and memorability, and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

A full range of visual effects services

At Rocket Productions, we have a VFX artist with over two decades of experience in everything from colour grading and motion retouching, to creating fullscale set extensions and digital crowds.

We always ensure that any visual effects we use will serve to enhance a video project We never simply use fancy effects for the sake of using them. We’ll work with you and your team to clearly determine what it is you’re trying to achieve with your video, then, based on your video’s overall goals, we’ll help you decide what kinds of effects would be best for your project.

Different types of cinematic visual effects

Technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds in recent years, and effects that were previously unthinkable 10 years ago can now be easily achieved with a bit of expertise and some advanced software. Confused about all the different types of video production effects that are available? We’ve given you a rundown of the different types of visual effects services we offer:

2D animation
  • Titles and credits – Simple, welldesigned rolling or static text on screen
  • Graphs, charts and infographics – Display statistics, facts or ideas in simple, easytounderstand charts or graphs
  • Flat character animation – Create entire videos or scenes featuring characters.
  • Digital matte paintings – Stunning, realisticlooking digital landscapes
3D animation
  • Set extensions – Extend the boundaries of your real life set by using digital effects.
  • Digital crowds – Think epic battle scenes with thousands of virtual soldiers, or a huge crowd at a concert.
  • 3D modelling – Create computergenerated characters, 3D muzzle flashes and procedural fire.
  • Green screen studio work – Add backgrounds and backdrops (both indoor and outdoor scenes) to footage filmed on a green screen.
  • Stereoscopic 3D production – ‘Stereoscopic’ refers to footage which has been shot both from two different angles (from a ‘left eye’ perspective and a ‘right eye’ perspective), then combined in post production to produce an image which appears as though it is has depth and texture, and is protruding from the screen.
Motion graphics
  • Titles and motion graphics
  • Motion retouching – Digitally retouch real life footage, such as removing a blemish from someone’s face or an entire building from a cityscape shot.
  • Colour grading – Ensure all different scenes in a video have a similar colour and brightness profile, or add special ‘looks’ to your film (such as black and white or vintage film effects)

If you need visual effects for your next video project, or if you’re unsure what types of effects would be best for your upcoming project, we’re here to help. Simply contact us today.