You’ve finished post – production on your TV commercial and now want to get it on free to air television.

Every TVC or infomercial must be classified by CAD (FreeTV Commercials Advice), before it can be broadcast on Free TV. Once classified, your ad receives a CAD Classification Number.

If you’ve already made your TVC and need to obtain this classification then click here to go to ClearAds.

When we produce your TV commercial, we will also handle your CAD approval for you.

What is the reason for this video?



Ideally, you will have used CAD’s Pre-Check service during pre-production (before even shooting the ad) in order to ensure that your TVC will receive classification and so that you can address any requirements regarding its content. At that stage, you simply supply your script or storyboard to CAD to get their feedback on your proposed production.

CAD can then advise if you need to provide any documentation to substantiate claims that your ad makes about the product or service you are advertising. For example, you may need to provide substantiation documentation if your ad claims that your product or service is ‘unique’, ‘revolutionary’, ‘new’ or is the ‘best’. This is because advertising must be truthful and not misleading under Australian Consumer Law.

There are certain advertising categories that automatically require substantiation or additional documentation and these include alcoholic beverages, financial products and testimonials.

The best approach is to get CAD’s advice on any requirements that have to be met during the Pre-Check stage to avoid the expense of re-shooting your TVC. CAD’s Pre-Check can take at least 5 working days.



After the shoot and once the final post production has been done on the TVC, it’s now time to submit your ad to CAD for classification, and this can be done electronically via CAD’s Online Application System. CAD requires that an OP53 compliant MPEG of the TVC with the ID board is submitted, including a complete script covering the audio and vision, voiceovers, jingles, graphics, supers and disclaimers among other items along with any paperwork such as substantiation documentation.



CAD takes at least 2 working days to classify your TVC and provide a CAD Classification Number and it is best practice to complete this stage well and truly in advance of your on-air date to avoid the risk of your TVC not going to air. All applications must be contain all the materials to avoid any delays with the classification process.

Normally, CAD prioritises applications by on-air dates and the order in which the applications are received, but CAD is able offer a more urgent service such as same day classification subject to certain conditions which includes receipt of all materials by a certain time of that day and it must follow the terms of a pre-arrangement.



Once TVC has been classified and a small change has been made, it is possible to get a new CAD number for updated ad as a ‘minor revision’ just on the paperwork. That means that you won’t have to supply a copy of the revised ad if you apply using CAD’s online system, supply the revised script making the changes very clear and a small explanation of the revision. A minor revision can include things like the change of a phone number, logo or changing the colour grade.

Your CAD Number is valid for 2 years from date of issue.

Rocket Productions handles all CAD pre-check and classification services for our clients, so you can focus on the creative and business aspects of your TVC. We’ll take on board any feedback from Commercials Advice, and implement any required changes to your script or concept to ensure that your end result will be CAD compliant and appropriate for broadcast on television.

To find out how we can handle the process of your CAD approvals, get in touch with us today.