Wardrobe Department

Ever seen a video where the main speaker’s shirt keeps strobing on screen? Avoiding distracting video disasters can be difficult, if you’re unsure of how to correctly choose the right wardrobe for video production.

In the same way a job interview is a chance to show a potential employer your professionalism, personal presentation and suitability for the company, a company video is there to show your audience (and potential new clients and customers) that you’re a trustworthy, respectable brand that’s a good fit for them – and you would never turn up to a turn up to any interview inappropriately dressed. That’s not to say that suits are always necessary however. Always match your wardrobe to your brand image.

The right clothes, grooming, hair and makeup can make or break a video, so what your talent wear on screen in your video plays a very big part in how they are perceived.


  • Avoid all patterns and stick with block colours instead, as patterns tend to give the ‘strobe’ effect on screen.
  • For a corporate videos, the best results are obtained from avoiding high contrast pin stripes, using solid muted colours rather than bright colours, ensuring that all wardrobe looks new and has been ironed, shoes have been shined and all accessories are appropriate to the video.
  • Plain white clothing can interfere with the exposure, while black can appear too dark if we’re shooting in a low light setting. Stick to lighter, pastel colours and neutral shades but of course, each video production is different and the wardrobe should suit the story
  • Keep jewellery and flashy accessories to a minimum. These items may look great in real life, but can be distracting for viewers.



Where budget permits, we highly recommend using a professional wardrobe stylist, especially for more scripted videos and TVCs. A wardrobe stylist is a specialist who creates a look and style based on the concept, storyboard and treatment.

The wardrobe stylist is also responsible for the wardrobe on set, ensures that all items of clothing stay in good condition and has them ready for the talent.

Having the right look dramatically boosts the production quality and authenticity of your video. Rocket Productions has extensive experience in video production wardrobe, as well as links with the top wardrobe stylists in the industry. We also have expert hair and makeup artists, who have years of experience creating makeup looks for every kind of TV and online video.

Find out more about how we can help with your video production wardrobe requirements, contact us.