Hair &
Makeup Stylists

Stylists make all the magic happen backstage and offscreen

The hair and makeup stylists working on a shoot don’t just apply product to the actors faces and then leave – they stay on throughout shooting to manage critical things such as sweat on actors’ foreheads, nose and cheeks, or hairstyles. While all of these may seem like trivial components of video-making, it’s all much, much more important than many would think. Shiny faces and other imperfections like oily hair and flyaways can be magnified and made to look more obvious on film and under lights than they do in real life. In turn, this can be highly distracting for the audience, who might be too busy focusing on a messy section of hair or a shiny face to even pay attention to what the actor is saying or the message they are trying to get across.

Another truth to consider is the difference between hair and makeup that looks good in real life and hair and makeup that looks good on camera. Our professional stylists have an arsenal of makeup and hair styling products that have been specifically tried and tested for camera. They have the tools to create the perfect hairstyle for your characters, and can make recommendations based on years of professional styling experience.

Achieving the right ‘look’ for your onscreen characters

Over and above critical areas, the hair and makeup stylists will achieve a certain look for the talent that best communicates their character in the video. They’ll know which colours and shades work with the skin tone of each of your actors, and which colours and makeup styles will subtly convey the kind of brand image you want to put forward.

Why good hair and makeup is not just for the girls

If you think that you don’t need to worry about hair and makeup if you’re only using male talent in your video – think again. Even men need some makeup for camera to help keep things like shine and sweat at bay. Hair stylists will also determine an appropriate, professional-looking hairstyle for your male talent which will convey your brand image and identity.

More elaborate hair and makeup looks

For more elaborate video productions and TVCs, you may want to go that step further with your hair and makeup looks. Professional hair and makeup stylists will have plenty of added extras in their toolkits such as wigs, hair extensions, prosthetics, temporary tattoos and much more.

Rocket Productions has a team of hair and makeup stylists stylists who have added huge value to the videos they’ve worked on over the years. They haven’t just got experience in regular hair and makeup either – they know exactly what works on camera and what doesn’t, due to their extensive experience with creating looks for videos. They’ve got everything in their toolkit to achieve the precise look you want for your video.

If your project will need the professional styling edge and you’d like to find out what our stylists can do for you, get in touch.