Production Schedule


A video production schedule is the engine that keeps your production machine running smoothly, on time and on budget. A well-planned production schedule is a vital component of a successful project, and is important to get right, especially since many videos are not necessarily shot in chronological order (i.e., you may film the concluding scene of the video first, or the opening interview last).

Managed by a producer, production manager or coordinator, the production schedule times all the milestones of your project from start to finish.

Because it takes into account so many different factors of the whole video shoot, the production schedule is usually a ‘living’ document (normally built in Excel or dedicated software) and changes are made to it as needed.

Ideally during production, you’ll get all the shots you want for you video, but sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, sacrifices have to be made. As such, a production schedule will also outline which shots are absolutely crucial to capture, and which shots would be nice extras, but won’t really make or break the video. This will help you if you find yourself having to make a quick decision on which scenes stay, and which you can do without.



Putting together the video production schedule begins as soon as you decide that your company would like to have a video made. Amongst other things, it outlines exactly what date you should have your production company chosen, when the script should be finalised and signed off on, when all the sets and props should be ready to go, and when filming will start and finish.

A production schedule doesn’t have to be comprised purely of words or lists either – some production schedules can be accompanied by visual representations, such as a gantt chart or timeline. These can be useful if you’re constantly referring to the schedule and need just a quick snapshot of what needs to be done and when, and can even come in handy when you’re pitching the video idea to someone.

Rocket Productions has extensive experience putting together detailed production schedules for all kinds of video shoots, large and small. We’ll help you with the initial creation of the schedule, and constantly monitor it as shooting of the video continues, making any changes as necessary. This allows you to focus on the creative aspect of your video, and getting your message across effectively.

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