Seeing is believing – that’s the beauty of a storyboard.  A storyboard is a visual illustration of all the shots or scenes in your video. Typically, a storyboard will consist of a series of hand-drawn images depicting scenes, with an accompanying short written description for each, as well voice over artist instructions and any pertinent script notes.

But why storyboard your video? The short answer is that storyboards enable all the different members involved with the production of the video to get a strong idea of the intended execution, particularly when a storyboard is combined with a director’s ‘treatment’ (a description of the stylistic characteristics of the video). An effective storyboard helps everyone working on your project to be on the same page, serving as a visual aid for communicating ideas to stakeholders in your project.



Storyboarding is one of the most important elements of the video production process, and can be a big time and budget saver for more heavily scripted types of production, such as a themed corporate video, brand film or TV commercial. Your storyboard will dictate exactly which scenes, shots, pieces of dialogue or voice overs are essential to create. It will help you avoid extra hours spent filming and editing through bits and pieces that aren’t going to be included in your final video.



The detail of a storyboard is often dependent on the budget and scope of a production. For simpler productions, basic hand drawn images can communicate volumes and provide a great deal of clarity. It doesn’t even need to be in colour – black and white is perfectly suitable.

As production quality increases, the sophistication of the storyboard also increases, and can even be full colour images drawn by professional storyboard artists with detailed shot or scene breakdowns in the accompanying notes.

A video production storyboard is a vital tool for larger video shoots. Directors often use the storyboards and treatment to set up the shot and it’s an excellent form of communication between the creatives on the set. Even if you’re only working in a small group of 2 or 3 people, a storyboard serves as a constant reference point, and will help you remind yourself of what exactly you’re doing so you can stay on track with your filming.

If you need help getting a storyboard put together for your upcoming video project, Rocket Productions has a team of professional illustrators available to create a detailed, clear storyboard for your video. We won’t just make the illustrations look great though – we can help you actually choose what the essential components of your video are, what shots you’ll need to get to make the story work, and much more.

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