The Director

Directors are the creative geniuses behind the execution of a video or TVC. Like a producer, a director is usually involved in every stage of the video production process – from the pre-production phase to the final edit of the film. The main difference, however, is that the director is solely focused on the artistic and creative side of the production – they are the one responsible for making a whole host of creative decisions which will affect the overall look, feel and message of the video. Other departments, such as lighting and camera operators, will work together to implement the director’s vision.

Directors should be experienced in every aspect of video production, and it’s essential that they are familiar with at least some of the technical aspects of production and camera equipment, so that they know what is achievable within the timeframe and budget that the video has.

The Director’s Treatment

In the pre-production stage, the director puts together a ‘Director’s Treatment’ that builds on the concept prepared by the writer, and is essentially their vision of how the video or TVC should look. Some of the aspects that a directors treatment will cover include:

  • Who is/are the characters?
  • What is their backstory and connection to the brand?
  • How will this information presented?
  • What will be the overall ‘look’ of the video?
  • What music or sound effects will be used?

Directors will usually be involved in many aspects of pre-production such as casting to ensure that the right actors are chosen, and location scouting, so that that the right setting is picked for your video or TVC, how the scenes should be filmed, and what other kinds of filler shots are needed. Directors will also put together the list of shots that need to be obtained throughout the course of filming the video.

Directing your actors

On the day of the film shoot, directors will also make decisions on how the script should be effectively played out by the actors. On the day(s) of the shoot, the director will instruct the actors to help them deliver the best performance possible.

The director’s role in post-production

During the post-production phase, directors work closely with editors so that the original vision continues, from the way in which the scenes are cut together, to the music overlay, right on right through to the color grading and sound engineering aspects of post production.

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