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A videographer is a ‘jack of all trades’ in the video production world. Typically a one person show, a videographer will be the director, camera operator and maybe also editor as well. Many independent filmmakers will essentially be videographers when they’re first starting out, as they will write, film, and edit everything themselves.

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The benefits of hiring a videographer for your project

Hiring a multiskilled, all-in-one talent for your video project can be a cost effective way to get your video made. You’ll have one point-of-call for everything related to your video, and you won’t have to wait for them to get in touch with someone else or get back to you about what’s going on with a certain aspect of the video production.

Because the videographer is overseeing the whole project themselves, they’ll be more in tune with where everything is at. Finally, when they get into the editing room, they already know what footage they have to work with because they filmed it themselves.

Remember though, that a videographer is ideal for shorter, smaller-scale video projects only. Having one person handle everything that goes along with a large video shoot is not ideal.

At Rocket Productions, we’ve got a whole team of videographers that got their start directing, shooting and editing videos for themselves. They have a solid technical and creative knowledge of everything there is to know about short video production, and they all the essential elements required to make a great short video, from storyboarding and scriptwriting, to cinematography and editing.

To find out how one of our talented videographers can be perfect for your small video project, get in touch with Rocket today.