Sound Design

Video sound design services

It’s easy to overlook the importance of good quality sound when creating a video until it’s too late. The human ear is quickly put off by bad sound – ever wonder why you usually don’t really mind watching a grainy YouTube video for example, but if the sound is terrible or you can’t hear what the person is saying, then you’re quickly turned off and sometimes even click away.

Poor sound can also be distracting – if your sound isn’t 100% perfect and clear, then your audience’s attention will be more on the bad audio, and less on what the actual message of your video is.

The benefits of hiring a professional sound designer

The best way to ensure your video has the best sound possible is by hiring a professional sound designer. There are a number of reasons why it’s a good idea to leave the audio of your video to a professional. A sound design expert will know the ideal balance in volume between music, sound effects, and dialogue – So you won’t have to worry about your audience straining to hear what the voiceover is saying over the top of a too-loud backing track. A sound designer will also ensure that your video’s sound is balanced and equalised throughout its entire duration, so your audience won’t find themselves constantly having to turn up or down the volume at different points of the video.

Professional sound recording equipment

In most cases, it’s ideal to use equipment that is separate from the camera when you’re shooting on location as a backup or if you require multiple tracks. We offer sync sound recording on location for film and video productions. After filming is done, a sound designer will know exactly how to sync up the video and audio track seamlessly.

Clear, crisp, fully comprehensible voices – every time

Sometimes, even when using professional sound recording studios and equipment, there’s a chance that you could end up with a piece of audio that’s not completely perfect – wind or traffic noise, a microphone rumble, a snippet of someone else in the studio speaking in the background, or sneeze, for example. If you’ve recorded a voiceover, only to later discover that there’s a glitch, or section that is a little hard to hear, there may be something we can do about it. A professional sound designer can do dialogue clean ups, which in most cases, can digitally remove things like mic rumbles, wind noise or unwanted frequencies.

Music and digital sound effects

Sound isn’t just about the voiceovers or the people talking on screen either – it’s the music, sound effects, and other ambient noise which really complete the video and give it its overall mood. We have a large database of sound effects, and a well-stocked music library, so no matter what type of audio you’re looking for in your video, chances are we’ve already got the exact thing you need.

Hire a professional sound designer for your video production

Rocket Productions has extensive experience working with some of the best sound designers in the film and TV industry around Australia. If you need to hire professional sound design services for your next video project, you’ve come to the right place.

To find out more about our professional video production sound design services, get in touch with us today.