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It’s all good and well to have or hire the best camera gear, the most impressive sound and lighting equipment, and the most expensive actors and voice over artists for your video production project but you need you need one more thing – a skilled video editor to actually put it all together. At Rocket Productions were offer a range professional video editing services to suit your post production needs in Sydney or nationwide.

Hire a professional video editor for your next video project

The process of choosing which shots and takes are going to go in which order seems like it would be a fairly simple one – but the truth is, an editor has to make hundreds of creative decisions around things like which shots to use and which to leave out, the sound composition of a particular scene, as well as what colour grading and colour correcting needs to be done, if any. The same lot of footage can be edited together in literally hundreds of different ways and can tell completely different stories each time – Such is the sheer power of video editing, and that’s exactly why choosing the right video editor can be one of the most important decisions you make throughout your whole video project.

What can be achieved with professional video editing today?

Back in the day, all video editing was ‘linear’, and was done using video tapes. All images and sound captured need to be arranged in a predetermined, ordered sequence – one after the other. These days, video editing is non-linear, and usually done digitally using one or more computer programs such as Final Cut or Avid. Footage is edited in a digital format, and non-linear editing gives the opportunity to layer multiple shots, images, and sound tracks together to produce something that’s multidimensional and much more visually appealing than simple one-after-the-other sequences.

Corporate video editing

Corporate videos need to look sleek, polished and professional in order to convey the right message and image of your brand. It’s important not to go too overboard with transitions and special effects, so as not to distract too much from the overall message. Rocket Productions’ video editors know exactly how to put together a corporate video that’s sleek and most importantly, memorable.

The benefits of hiring a professional video editor for your project

We all probably know someone who knows how to edit video, in some way or another. But there are many benefits of getting a professional to edit your project for you, rather than editing it yourself, or giving it to someone you know. A professional will know the full spectrum of what can and can’t be achieved with video editing programs, and will also be a lot quicker, meaning that your video is more likely to be finished within the required timeframe. So, while hiring a professional may be more expensive, it’s the guaranteed way to ensure that you get the best result from your video project.

Post Production and Video editing services by Rocket Productions

Rocket Productions offers professional video and TVC editing services for all types of production projects. Our professional and highly skilled video editors have experience editing and putting together videos for every kind of client, industry and purpose, from TV commercials, to music videos, documentaries, event videos, highlight reels, and film trailers.

Whether you want to shoot the footage yourself, then give it to an editor, or you want a professional production company to be involved in both the filming and the editing, then Rocket Productions can help you out with your post production needs.

Video editing – Sydney wide

Rocket Productions is a Sydney-based video production and editing company with decades of experience. Our award-winning editors are some of the best in the industry, and we know how to bring your video concept to life. If you have shot some footage that you now need to have edited together into a cohesive storyline, or if you’d like to have a video professionally scripted, directed, shot and edited, then we can help. We use the most advanced video editing programs and software available, which allow us to do a whole range of things – from putting together flawless scenes and sequences, to sound design, colour grading and colour correction.

For more information on our video editing services, post production or any of our other video production offerings, contact us today.