Colour Grading & Colour Correction Services

Rocket Productions has extensive experience in expertly colour grading all kinds of video productions, Sydney and Australia wide.

Colour grading is an important step of the post-production process of video making, but it’s also a step that many people sometimes overlook. A professional colour grade has the power to really raise the standard of your video from good to great – and somewhere along the way, etch your video, as well as your brand, product, event or service, into the memory of your audience.

What is colour grading?

Colour grading is the process of using digital software to artificially enhance or change the overall tone and colour of a video. Think Instagram filters, but way more advanced. A video editor will manually adjust the colours and levels of each scene in a video to ensure that everything looks cohesive, and to ensure that there’s no underexposed, overexposed, or incorrectly white-balanced content. You can also use an entirely animated video on your website to explain your unique product or service, and encourage users to sign up or make a purchase.

Colour grading fixes any visual problems, and ensure continuity and a cohesive look throughout the video

An important part of ensuring that a film or video has a cohesive look is making sure that visual aspects such as the colours, exposure, highlights, white balance and contrast are completely consistent from shot to shot, and from scene to scene. Sometimes, this is hard to achieve purely through camera settings alone, as filming at different times of the day, in different lighting situations (such as inside or outdoors) and in different weather conditions (eg. overcast vs.sunny), will mean that some pieces of footage will end up looking different to each other. Colours which chop and change too much will distract the viewer, and can look strange, particularly if it’s all within the one scene. Sometimes, even people’s skin colour can look funny if a certain camera setting has been used.

Colour grading & correction will ensure that all footage looks like it ‘belongs’ in the same video, and will also ensure that everyone who appears in the video looks almost exactly as they do in real life, with no strange colour tinges or yellow teeth.

Rocket Productions offers professional colour correction services, to preserve continuity and ensure that your video has a professional, slick and polished look. We can correct things like exposure in footage, inconsistencies in colour temperature, and a whole host of other problems.

Colour grading helps you to create the mood and atmosphere you want for your video

Sometimes you simply want your video to convey a different overall mood or atmosphere, and you’d be surprised at the much of an effect a simple colour change can have. Whether you want to tone of a scene to be bright, cheery and sunny, or dark and mysterious and sombre, this can be achieved through certain colouring techniques like masks and overlays. Our expert video grading team takes the time to ensure every scene of the video has the look you want it to, conveys the right mood, and tells your story perfectly. We can achieve almost any look you want for your video as well – from vintage, grainy film effects, to lens flares, sleek black & white or vivid colours.

Colouring your video to perfection

Of course, there’s no use colour grading just for the sake of it. At Rocket Productions, we’ll work with you closely to really understand what it is you want to convey with your video – then, we’ll colour grade it accordingly, or in some situations, not at all. When it comes to colour grading, sometimes less really can be more. People often try to achieve too much in post-production colour adjustments, and the video can end up looking unnatural or very obviously graded when it’s not really called for.

Special colouring software and technology

At Rocket Productions, we use the most advanced colour correction and grading software and techniques available. We’ve got experience creating videos in all kinds of different styles and moods, from chilled out, hazy advertisements for beachside hotels and resorts, to exciting, flashy and upbeat hype reels for awards nights and festivals. Take a look through our past projects, and you’ll quickly notice how each video has a slightly unique look and colour scheme to it.

If you’d like to find out more about our colour correction and colour grading services, simply get in touch with the team at Rocket Productions today >>