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Video Production Services for Events and Conferences

A video that captures the best moments of an event produces big benefits well after the event. A hype reel or a highlights reel does this by giving your audience the chance to continue to engage with your brand as they watch a video showcasing the key moments. In a highlights reel, you could showcase ‘vox pops’ which are essentially on the spot testimonials from people at the event giving glowing endorsements by relating their experience of your product or your service.

Filming the activities that have been organized brings energy to your events video. It shows your audience engaging with the experiences you’ve created, for example enjoying the coffee made by your coffee machine product, interacting with your technology, using your touch screen interface, playing your video games, eating your food, watching your designs on the runway, experiencing your rewards program or engaging with the messages delivered by your keynote speakers. As this is all filmed as it happens and because of this, it has an appealing element of authenticity that you can’t manufacture. Use timelapse photography in your highlights reel to show the setting up of the event to build anticipation. Creative cinematic techniques such as shooting with shallow depth of field or using a focus pull keep the attention on your product or service, full screen. Endorsements from your brand ambassadors, celebrities or well known personalities or even showing that they attended has big benefits. Combine all these elements to create a highlights reel and share it after the event on social media or other distribution methods to continue engagement with your brand. In addition, if you’re running a conference or any other event, you can set the tone by opening with an eye catching video.

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Client Testimonial

We use Rocket Productions to produce quality video content for us. They get to grips with the brief early and provide excellent advice on production that adds to a high standard of finished content. They are also super agile around timescales and budgets. I recommend them highly.

James Wright | Red Agency, MD Australia and Havas PR Asia-Pacific


The process for making events videos is:

This is the ‘pre-production’ phase. Our team meets with you to gain an understanding of your event, the objectives of your strategy and the logistics you are working to. We then identify production requirements such as the vox pops and events to be filmed along with any location footage that you’d like captured to set the scene. A location scout is carried out so that we can find the best vantage points for our cameras to capture the best content.

Known as the ‘production’ phase, our film crew shoots the events, vox pops, product or service shots, speakers, brand ambassadors and celebrity endorsements and location footage to be later edited into a video.

This is the ‘post production’ phase of your video. The footage is ingested into the editing suite and the best takes are cut to form a compelling story. Motion graphics can be added to impress. Sound engineering ensures the audio comes out nice and clean. Grading, which is color treatment of the footage, takes the video from plain to rich.

The highlights video is used to further engage audiences on social media, allow those who couldn’t attend to experience the event and to further drive promotion of your brand. The footage can also be used to promote future events.

Rocket Productions has produced events video content for PR agencies such as Red Agency, Ogilvy PR, Saunders & Co and brands such as MasterCard, Shape Up Australia, Good Food & Wine Show, One Young World featuring Sir Bob Geldoff, the AIMIA Awards, seminars and various conferences. As a full service event video production company, we can assist you with the entire video production process – from start to finish. If you have an upcoming event video production project and would like to chat to a member of our team, please call us on (02) 9955 2681 or contact us online today. Our crew regularly shoots and produces events videos in Australia.  We welcome the opportunity to help you with your video.

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