Looking for a professional corporate video?

Your corporate video will be produced by our team of creative and technical video production industry experts all the way from script writers to producers, directors, camera operators, editors and animators. Every person in our video production team is completely focused on creating a polished video for you. From script to screen you’ll be guided through the entire video production process and thanks to our 20 years of experience in corporate video production globally, you can be assured of professional, high quality video content.

And, if you find yourself in the situation where you need a corporate video urgently, we can help because we have several expert crews that can start working on your video at short notice.

We are a video production agency creating professional corporate videos for clients in all industries such as financial services, technology, retail, energy and infrastructure, recruitment, health & wellness, science and more. Backed by our 20 years experience, we can help you with your corporate video production needs whatever industry you are in.


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Depending on what your overall business goals are, we are able to create a number of different types of video for your company. Take a look at some of the types of videos we produce:

Recruitment Videos

When you’re looking to hire new employees to help grow your business, it’s almost like a huge sales exercise in itself. You need to show potential employees how great your company is to work for, what kind of career progression they can expect with a role at your company, as well as what the company culture and team dynamic is like. Showing the best elements of your business through a short, concise and entertaining video will help you attract the best and most qualified staff to apply for positions at your company.

Event Videos

Planning a product launch, conference, networking event or other type of business gathering soon? Rocket Productions can attend your event, cameras and equipment in tow, and shoot content throughout the day or evening, capturing all the action, and editing the footage into an entertaining highlights reel which shows everyone, whether they attended or not, how much of a success the event was. These types of videos are great for posting on your website as a summary of the event, and are also great to help promote the next years’ event and encourage people to attend!

Promotional Videos

Of course, the purpose of most videos is to encourage the viewer to take action – to pick up the phone and ring you, send you an email, or even just visit your website for more information. Rocket Productions focuses on creating videos which encourage your viewers to do just that. The idea is that your audience will like what they see so much in the short video, that they’ll be encouraged to find out more. Studies have shown that an introductory company email that includes a video receives an increased click-through rate by up to 96% which just goes to show how powerful video can be as a tool to getting those customers into your sales funnel.

Explainer videos

If your company or brand offers a special type of product or service which is completely new, or perhaps a little hard to understand, then an explainer video could be the perfect way to ensure that your potential customers are on the same page as you, and know exactly what it is that you can offer them.

TV Commercials

TV is a very different medium to online, and as such, requires special considerations. People respond and engage with media differently online than they do to things on TV, so Rocket Productions knows how to create a video for a specific medium. Of course, many of our videos have gone on to be successful both as TVCs, and as YouTube videos later on down the track.

Interview Filming

Beyond simply turning up to film your interview with a video crew, we will add value by making your interviews compelling. Interviews are a great way of getting your message out and here are 6 tips on how make your interviews go from average to excellent.

Testimonial & Case Study Videos

Whether you sell a product or a service, there’s nothing more powerful than a genuine testimonial.  Rocket Productions has extensive experience in filming testimonial videos and will help you steer clear of the usual pitfalls so that your testimonials come out looking authentic, heartfelt and compel viewers to take the action you seek.

Training & Education Videos

Training Videos have been around for a long time and the type of training video that will work today is very different to the formula of a few years ago. We ensure that your investment into producing training videos will indeed help your viewers to learn and apply the material. Here are our tips on how to make really good training videos.


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    1. Preproduction.

    During this planning stage of your corporate video we will meet with you in person, by video or phone to understand your video project. First we will help you assemble your key messages into an engaging script that fits into the duration you have in mind for your video. We will then help you with casting staff, clients, actors or all of the above. Locations where your video will be shot will be explored, this could be your office premises, a studio or anywhere you desire. If you’d like them, props and wardrobe are added to the mix as they make the videos look much better. Finally, everything and everyone is booked and everything is put together into a beautiful shoot schedule. All of this is covered by our Video Production Planner which is an easy to use fill in the blanks template that you will receive for free.

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    2. Production.

    This is the shooting stage of your video. We have you covered across the board, from shoots that range just a few hours, to half a day, a full day or several days. We can also structure the video production crew to suit your budget from just a videographer, to a 2-3 person crew or more robust crew with specialist crew members covering every department of your video. We can also shoot your video for you in capital cities like Sydney and Melbourne, regional areas such as Wilcannia-Forbes, Muswellbrook and Ballarat, right through to cities around the world where we’ve shot in LA, Cleveland, New York, Denver, Brussels and Tokyo as global examples. If you need us there, we’re there.

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    3. Post Production.

    This is the editing stage of your video. It’s when take all the beautiful raw footage and start bringing your script to life. Color grading, titles, transitions, lower thirds, motion graphics, your logo and a music background are then added for more engagement.

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    4. Receive your corporate video.

    After you approve the edit, you’ll quickly receive your video in the format of your choice such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or anything else, ready to use.



If you would like a premium TV commercial, corporate video, online video, event video or videographer, we’re the experienced Sydney video production company you can rely on to deliver stunning work with high-production value. At Rocket Productions, we pride ourselves on providing only the best professional video production services – from script to screen including promotional videos, explainer and social media video content. So, let’s start the cameras rolling. To find out more about all of the video production services we offer such as script writingmotion graphics & animationvideographyvideo editingclick here.