If you need a recruitment video, culture or people video to attract and retain top talent in this current talent-driven market, then you have come to the right place.

We take the time to listen to you and understand the specific issues that you need to solve or outcomes that you need to achieve, such as attracting talent or enhancing staff engagement. You will be safe hands with us because we capture the essence of your organisation and craft it into a compelling video so that you stand out from the crowd as an employer.

We have a 20 year proven track record of producing highly engaging video content. We make it easy for you by guiding you through all the steps, such as deciding on the look and feel of your video, from script to screen.


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With your video you can easily communicate what your organization believes in, its values, purpose and mission and as such inspire the viewer. Your vision attracts talent who want to feel that they will be a part of something impressive and the video should portray that.

  • Testimonials from staff working at your company are compelling. These are real people, who work for you and endorse you on camera.  Testimonials can take all sorts of styles and you can set the tone. Cover all the top reasons why it’s great to work for you company.
  • Further career progression within the organization is big on the minds of candidates and videos display the opportunities that lie ahead. There’s something a lot more credible about seeing that progression in action in a video, especially when your competitors are saying the same thing. For example, you could showcase a current employee’s career path and indeed, inspire your viewers.
  • Showing the working environment at your company, this will help differentiate your employer brand from that of your competitors’.
  • Showcase your facilities, location and the atmosphere at your company. All the good stuff.

In an engaging video, you will then:

1. Create a very strong impression
2. Answer important questions
3. Set the tone to attract the right kind of person.

A good distribution strategy will help your video reach your target market.  For starters, you can post the videos on your recruitment page on your website, embed the video in your SEEK job ads, share the video via social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, embed it your app and further, reap the rewards of a targeted online promotional campaign.  There’s plenty of traditional uses that are still popular such as playing the video at career fairs and of course, there’s TV advertising.



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