The choice of talent can often make or break your production. Your audience needs people on screen who they feel like they can connect with – people who have charisma, and who can really bring your brand values and message to life in a very short amount of time. That’s why casting videos are such an important step of the process of creating an effective promotional, sales or marketing, or brand video for your company.

Depending on the type of video you’re making, you may choose to use your own staff members, or hire actors, and there are situations where one or the other are more appropriate.

When we produce your video content, our experienced producers and directors can also cast the best talent for your video.



When a video is about your company and the people who work there, such as in a corporate film, real staff members should be featured. However, they often need to be ‘auditioned’ to determine if they can act to the level needed, and follow direction during a shoot. This is even more important if they have a scripted, speaking part.

Some important questions to ask when using your own staff for a scripted film are the following:

  • Do they look the part?
  • Does their personality and speaking style reflect the brand image?
  • What is their ability to act and follow direction?
  • Often, the audition actually helps staff members to prepare for the shoot if they’ve never acted before.

If you’re picking people to interview, Watch Our Pro Tip




Where a good level of acting is required for the script, we recommend finding actors through a vigorous audition process. Actors are used to working on a set, under the lights, following direction and producing a range of emotions. Of course, paying any hired actors is an extra investment, but because of their experience, you’ll generally get your video done more quickly, efficiently, and with fewer takes and generally, corporate films look much better when actors are used. If your video requires a voiceover, you should also consider hiring a professional voiceover actor – They know how to deliver a message clearly and powerfully.

Rocket Productions works closely with our clients with their video production casting requirements. This is either done in our office, at your office, or in a studio as required by your production. If it’s your employees that you’re casting in your video, we’ll help you “audition” potential individuals, and help you choose the best talent, based on our extensive experience with choosing the right people for the job. If you’re hiring actors for your video, we’ll produce and circulate Casting Calls to our network of talent agencies and actors to ensure that we find the best possible cast for your video.

To find out more about how we can find the best people to star in or provide the voiceover for your TVC, corporate video, or recruitment video, contact us.