Wardrobe Stylists


Wardrobe stylists are an important part of creating the look and feel of your video. What your actors wear onscreen is a deciding factor in the overall look, feel, and message of your video – whether it’s branded content, a corporate video or a TVC.

When we produce your video content, we can also supply wardrobe stylists for your video.



The best wardrobe stylists understand the dramatic impact of clothing and costuming in video production. An ill-fitted item of clothing, or a pattern on a shirt that appears to flash, ‘strobe’, or even disappear (it happens!) on screen, which can be highly distracting for your audience and cause them to miss the entire point or message of your video altogether. That’s why utilising professional wardrobe services for your video can be so important. A wardrobe stylist will know (both from their training and past experience) what kinds of patterns, colours and clothing silhouettes work well on camera and which ones just don’t. They’ll know that dark coloured clothing can sometimes be quite unsuited for the background, and that very bright clothing such as reds and oranges, can just look too highly saturated on screen. They’ll also know what kinds of colours work with the skin tones of your actors, and dress them accordingly so they don’t end up looking overly pale or sallow on screen

Wardrobe stylists help prevent and fix any little wardrobe emergencies that might occur, and if an item of clothing isn’t quite fitting right, can provide on-site tailoring to ensure that everything fits perfectly and looks professional and polished on camera.

Wardrobe stylists will also keep an eye on things like continuity, particularly if you’re shooting your video over the course of a few days or weeks. They’ll make sure that what someone was wearing the previous day for filming, is exactly the same the next day, right down to the last earring.



If you want to go for a particular look for your video production project, wardrobe stylists can make this happen. They have extensive knowledge of style trends and in costume design and how to help talent to look their best.  A single anachronistic accessory or clothing item in an actor’s costume can completely ruin the believability and professionalism of your video, and can also distract the audience so it’s important to use a professional to get this right.

Wardrobe teams will usually also have access to all kinds of different costumes and costume accessories that would often be expensive and perhaps difficult to hire on your own. Wardrobe and costume designer teams will also often have experience in prosthetic creation, so you can really create something visually spectacular that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.



If you would like a particular wardrobe item or prop custom-made, our team of costume designers and manufacturers can either help by creating or sourcing the item for you, or organising it on your behalf. Should you like to ask us a question about our approach to video production wardrobing, you’re welcome to call us on (02) 9955 2681 or contact us online.