Congratulations. You’ve decided that you need a video!

That’s a great move, considering experts predict that pretty soon, 90% of all web traffic will be video. But before you embark on the video making process, it’s important to sit down and consider the end result. This kind of plan is known as a brief. Providing a detailed briefing for video production companies that you work with, is an excellent start to ensuring that you get a great outcome from your video.




  • An overview of what the video is about – What story will you be telling in your video? What’s the main message, piece of information or idea that you want your viewers to walk away with?
  • Who the owner of the project is – Who will the video production company be reporting to throughout the entire process? You may have different people responsible for different aspects of the video-making process.
  • The department of your company that the video is for – Your company may have many different strands of business – Be clear in your brief which exact department the video is being made for.
  • Your budget – How much are you willing to spend on getting a video made? When deciding on a budget, think about the return on investment – or, how much this video is likely to give back to your business, whether through increased sales or more awareness about your product, company or brand.
  • Background for your video – What is the context of your video? What prompted your company to decide that you needed a video?
  • The objectives of your video – What exactly is it that you’re trying to achieve by having this video made? Are you trying to show the benefits of working for your company, as would be the case for a recruitment video? Are you trying to show all the main features and benefits of your company’s new product?
  • Who your target audience is – Who are you trying to reach with your video? Your target audience will affect everything from the language you use in your video, to how it is distributed after it’s been made.
  • The initial structure of your video – What kind of different elements is your video going to have? Is it going to feature interviews with some of your staff members? Testimonials from your previous customers about a certain product? Or is it going to be purely story telling?
  • Your deadline – When do you need the video by? When considering deadlines, think about how it will tie in with your other marketing, advertising and promotional activities throughout the year.
  • What your distribution platform is – How will you get your video out there once it’s finished? Are you going to embed it on your website, put it up on YouTube, or is it intended for TV?

Rocket Productions offer expert video production brief services, and can work with you to help you put a brief together and ensure you get the desired outcome from your video. We have years of experience creating all types of videos for a range of clients, from recruitment videos and TV commercials, to event and corporate videos. Whatever your goals, we can help you put together a clear, detailed and effective video brief that will ensure you get off on the right track right from the word “action”.

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