Location Scouting

Video production location scouting services

Location, location, location! They say that location is everything and this applies to more than just buying real estate – it’s essential in video production as well.

Video production location scouting literally means searching for and finding the right locations in which to shoot your video, and is an essential part of pre-production planning if you want to get the best result possible.

Finding your ideal filming locations

Once the brief, concept, script and storyboard for your video production have been created, the next step is to find the locations where the scenes will be shot. For a corporate video, this could be identifying which part of the city you’d like to shoot your presentations or interviews in, for example.

For a brand film or TV commercial, location scouting will usually be an extensive process involving the producer, director and cinematographer going to each location to survey various aspects of those locations such as sound, lighting and geography to see whether they suit the intended shots.

Logistics to consider

Other logistics the team should examine when location scouting are things like power supply, location of the base unit, parking facilities and availability of space for the cast and crew.

As part of the scouting, you may also choose to do a small amount of location filming to test out what the location will actually look and sound like on film, as well as how easy it will be to set up your equipment there (provided you have access to the video and sound equipment in advance of the official filming start date, of course.)

Obtaining permission to shoot in certain locations

An important consideration to make when location scouting is what kind of permissions you might need before you start to film in certain spaces. While an area you’ve chosen might be ‘public’ space, you’ll usually still need to obtain permission from the local council to film there. This is also true if you’re filming all or part of your video on private property. Usually, written consent is required from the land owner. Obtaining location permissions is something that should not be left until the last minute. Sorting out location permissions is something that should be done well in advance of your expected start date, in case you are not granted permission to use a certain location and you’ll need time to find an alternative.

Rocket Productions is highly experienced in finding the best possible locations for your video. Not only do we choose somewhere that will adequately fit with your story, we also handle all the tricky paperwork for you, including obtaining filming permits and permissions as required for the production.

To find out how we can help you with your video production location scouting, get in touch with us today.