3 quick & easy b-roll shots to improve video engagement

Thinking of adding b-roll to your videos to make them more engaging, but not quite sure how to approach it?

3 Quick & Easy B-roll shots

Most B-roll scenarios can be captured simply and effectively with three shots. Imagine we’ve got someone typing at a computer, shot number one is a wide to establish context of the scene. Second shot could be a close up of either the screen, if that’s important, or a shot of them typing on the keyboard. And last of all, closeup of their face.

You’re now establishing that much needed connection with the audience. Now this is of course just a foundation, and we could get more elaborate and creative but it’s is a great starting point to build from.

Lindley Joyner is a Producer-Director at Sydney based video production company Rocket Productions. Get more useful tips here.

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