3 titles to spruce up your video.

Spruce up your video with these 3 titles. Say goodbye to boring, static title slides forever.

Make your videos great with these simple titles.

1. Push in/Slide in

Here the title comes flying in from the left or right of your video, perfect for an upbeat video like a promotional or marketing video.

Push In

2. Scale up

The title ‘pops up’, a cool but subtle way of drawing your viewer’s attention to what you’re saying.

Scale Diagram

3. Fade in

The ‘Bentley’ of titles, here the title just softly fades in, keeping the vibes calm and peaceful.

Fade Diagram

Watch the video in this article to see how these work. They are ALL better than static text and they will help make your video great.

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Daniel Beleski is an editor and experienced drone operator at Sydney based video production company, Rocket Productions. You’ll find more useful articles on our blog