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  • Christian

    I need to make a corporate video for our IT business. How do I get started? Do I need to script the whole video from start to finish, or just identify what I want the video to say?

  • Lily Zhu


    Thanks for doing this. I’ve been planning a corporate video project for the past two weeks and have received several quotes from Sydney companies.

    Quality is extremely important here so I am not after the cheapest deal. It’s more important to me to receive a fair quote that makes sense given the needs of the project.

    Now, my question:

    After speaking with 4 Sydney companies, I’ve received pricing ranging from $3K at the low-end and $35K at the high-end.

    Am I missing something here? I’m not against paying more but have to be able to explain the cost/benefit. Can you please help me understand what to look out for and/or what reasonable costs to expect are?


  • Rocket Productions

    Hi Christian, the best place is to start is at the beginning and as the saying goes, with the end in mind. Having a clear overview of what the video is about will keep things on track. Then, write down the key messages (don’t worry about a script or shooting style at this point). These key messages need to be short and sweet – 1 liners. Your video production company can then help you progress from there and that will include writing up a clear brief, more info on that here

  • Rocket Productions

    Hi Lily,

    That’s a huge price variance indeed! Hope this helps:

    1. A clear, written brief is the best starting point. This needs to cover your overall objective, key messages and importantly, your budget. That way, every video production company that quotes on your video project is on the same page. Some pointers on how to write a good brief

    2. In all your phone calls, emails and meetings with the video production suppliers stick to the scope of the brief. For example, are talent, props, locations and stylists to be supplied by the production company or are you expecting to provide these yourself? Is one supplier quoting for a half day shoot and another for a 2 day shoot perhaps? This will give you a good sense of what’s involved in ‘scope’

    3. Compare apples with apples. A freelance videographer-editor will most likely quote much lower than a large production house. Read up on the ‘About us’ section of the suppliers you’ve contacted to get a sense of their size and check out the production values of their videos.

    That’ll hopefully enable you to get meaningful quotes that you can do something with.

  • Stephanie

    How can I differentiate a corporate video, say for a sales pitch, from your “average” corporate video? What interesting techniques or themes should be considered in pre and post production, including in the development phase, to give a video that point of difference to make it a clear stand-out against competitors I might be pitching against?