Choosing the right background music track for your video

Choosing the Right Background Music Track for Your Corporate Video

The common misconception with background music is that it is merely filling the void, and so can just be an afterthought. But don’t let this misconception become your mistake. Just as in film, a background music track in corporate videos serves as a silent conductor, guiding the audience through the narrative and setting the tone for the message being conveyed.

Setting the Tone: The Power of Music

Have you ever seen a movie scene with the music switched out? Music actually has the power to alter the way the other elements of your video (script, setting, talent, actions etc) are perceived.

Every beat, note, and crescendo has the potential to evoke emotions, convey messages, and enhance the viewer’s experience, potentially transforming a mundane video into a captivating journey. Selecting the right music track isn’t just about filling the void; you can make people laugh, cry, anticipate, engage.

Mismatching the mood of the video with inappropriate music can lead to a dissonance between the message and the viewer’s perception, hindering the effectiveness of the communication.

Brand Identity and Narrative

Music is largely subconscious but hugely powerful in communicating who your organisation is. Do you want to be seen as a high-end or accessible, serious or casual, fun-loving or clinical, emotive, modern or classic? Your music choice will instantly and continuously communicate this to viewers throughout your video.

In the same way as your logo,  your choice of footage and the content itself communicate your brand identity, so does your choice of music. Not only does it communicate the overall vibe and identity, but music can help to highlight and punctuate particular points by building, dropping out, changing key etc.

Curating Excellence

So, the next time you’re tempted to overlook the significance of selecting the right music track for your corporate video, remember that it’s the heartbeat of your story and a marker of your brand. Take the time to curate the perfect soundtrack, and witness the transformative power it holds. With Rocket Productions you can leave your music choice up to our experienced team  entirely, or we can curate a custom selection of tracks for you to choose from.

Contact us if you’d like help with your next video project.

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