How to Make a Recruitment Video with Long-Term Impact

Organisations are increasingly turning to recruitment videos to attract talent by showcasing their culture, values, and work environment. However, a persistent challenge arises when the staff featured in these videos decide to leave. This turnover can undermine credibility and present challenges on several fronts.

So, how can you ensure that the investment in your recruitment video has lasting pay-off?

Crafting the right footage for your recruitment video

It’s vital to focus on authenticity when creating your recruitment video, so resorting to using only stock footage is not a solution we recommend.

A mismatch between the portrayed image and reality can lead to disillusionment among new hires, prompting them to jump ship, plus over-use of stock footage can simply turn people off because it doesn’t capture the nuance and genuineness of your workplace.

So, if not stock footage, what is the solution for crafting a recruitment video with enough longevity to make it worth your while?

While it’s great to show faces and have talking heads, we can also capture a lot of impactful footage that communicates who your organisation is without singling out individuals. Think:

  • group shots
  • footage of your facilities
  • hands on keyboards
  • backs of heads at workstations
  • follow shots of staff walking
  • drone shots of your context
  • animated infographics

– you get the picture, we have many creative solutions up our sleeve!

Updating your recruitment video

If your recruitment video does become problematic or out-dated due to staff leaving, it doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch and invest the full time and budget all over again. We can revisit your existing project and simply swap out the individuals who have left with fresh footage of your new talent.

If you’re looking to film a recruitment video for your business, contact the experienced team at Rocket Productions to get started – we’re here to help.

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