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How to come up with a video concept

Establishing a concept is the starting point of any creative process. A strong video concept can come from anywhere. Often it’s derived from some serious brainstorming, other times it’s found in a moment of inspiration. 

Concept is key for your video

video conceptEstablishing a concept is establishing purpose. Creating a video concept will provide direction to the whole production process and ensure that your final product reflects your brief. A strong concept will assist in enhancing communicating what it is that you’re trying to say with this video.

So, how do you create a flawless, reliable, full-proof, and sure-fire video concept? A simple way to put together such a concept, is considering the ol’ “5 W’s” – who, what, when, where, why.

Who are you speaking to?

Who is your video speaking to?Consider your audience. Remember to keep in mind who it is that you’re trying to reach. Understanding your audience and targeting a specific group of people will help create an engaging video.

What are you trying to say?

What are you trying to say?It’s important to understand what it is you want your audience to walk away knowing or feeling. Don’t forget your goal and your purpose for this video.

When do you need to get the message out there?

When does your video need to get out there?Think about the timing of this video. Establishing a release date for this video is critical. Many companies release videos and marketing campaigns which relate to certain events on their calendar or the holiday calendar, such as Christmas, Easter and New Year’s.

Where will the video live?

Where will your video live?When creating a video concept, you should consider how the video will be delivered to audiences. Whether it’s being housed on your website, shared on social media or played at an event.

Why are you approaching the video with this concept?

Why are you approaching the video with this concept?Always keep in mind your end goal. What are you hoping to accomplish in with this concept? Is it a concept you feel will help you achieve your desired goal?

Backed by our experience in producing a variety of videos for a range of different companies and brands around the world, we can help you create a stellar video concept. We know how to identify and fine-tune your video concept from a good idea to a great finished product.

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Gabi Miles is a Producer at Sydney based video production company, Rocket Productions. You’ll find more useful articles on our blog.