Why did my video end up longer than I planned?


If you set out to make a 2 minute video but are finding yourself sharing a 5 minute video with your viewers instead, these 3 steps may help you.

1. Keep the list of questions for your corporate video really, really short

Keep your video questions shortChances are you asked too many interview questions during the shoot, some of which were too tempting not to ask – “we’re already here so let’s get it while we can”.  It’s OK to ask the extra questions so long as you start the interview knowing which ones are intended for your 2 minute video and that the extra questions are definitely not going to make it in. Trying to fit them all in is usually the main culprit for an extended version as your only version.

What often happens is that because it’s too tempting to not add the extra answers, we then decide to make the video longer to fit it all in. Voila! Extended version.

Solution: Go in with a clear list of must have questions and keep the answers short if there are a fair few of them. Obviously if there are fewer questions, then your talent can elaborate a little bit but really, not that much…for a 2 minute video. More here for how to prep for an interview shoot https://rocketproductions.com.au/blog/therightwaytostartyourvideoproject/

If you are still in post production and can make changes, just keep the bare essence of the gist of the video. Delete everything else, get it down to under 2 minutes. I know, it’s tough, but hey.

2. Keep the answers really, really short

Keep the answers for your video shortThe tendency for most people being interviewed is to give a clear answer. This often means that they’d like to give a bit of background, go into the subject in a bit of depth and then round it off.  However, for a 2 minute video covering around 5 or more questions, that is way too much information.  Remind the talent to get straight to the point and keep it high level.  It can sometimes feel like the answer was light but do keep in mind that you have a few more questions to ask and overall, the video is meant to be only 2 minutes long. Also, don’t plan on cutting an answer mid way as it usually doesn’t come out looking right.  You might get away with it if it’s an ‘end to end’ concise statement that is supported with appropriate b-roll and context.

Solution: Ask the talent to just give a short overview in a few words and not get into the details. This article will help https://rocketproductions.com.au/blog/6-tips-for-your-corporate-video/

If you are still able to edit your video, choose the shorter take.

3. Interview as few people as possible.

Interview as few people as possible for your corporate videoHaving more than 1 person answer the same questions will likely mean that your video will be longer than 2 minutes. It’ll be even longer if you also ask questions specific to that person’s involvement in the subject matter on top. Again, it’s OK to ask the questions while you’re there but have a very clear idea of which answers from which person are going in to your 2 minute video.  If you are interviewing more than 1 person for the same 2 minute video, have each person cover different questions from your list.


a. Plan for a 5 minute video, not 2 minutes.

b. Only interview one person

c. If you must have both people, spread the questions among them but also follow steps 1 and 2.

If you can still make changes your video, just trim it down and stick with the 1 or 2 talent whose content fits into 2 minutes.

It’s a tough one, having to distill a lot of great material down into 2 minutes, but it can be done. Often the restraint is rewarded with a higher chance of your viewers watching your corporate video the whole way through with engagement.

Some great tips and stats here for those of us who love hard facts https://wistia.com/blog/optimal-video-length

A corporate video that's only as long as you planned - success

Ajit Singh is the Executive Producer at Sydney based video production company Rocket Productions. You’ll find more useful articles on video production on our blog.

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