Behind the Scenes at the Memories Video Shoot

Memories Video Shoot

6am: Set up crew arrives and begin to set up the first shot which involves moving a monster sized trampoline up over a 1 metre hedge without touching the hedge, to capture the morning sunrise so that it perfectly backlights the trampolene scene.  Sure enough, it starts to rain. At this point after consulting all kinds of weather forecast tools, we decide to jump forward to the internal shot and as we begin setting that shot up, the rain stops and the sun starts shining magnificently! Luckily for us it shines bright enough and long enough for us to get that spectacular trampoline jumping shot.

8am: All manner of breakfast items are quickly devoured and coffee is had by the thermosful. More of the cast start to arrive and head in to hair & make up and wardrobe – these departments led by none other than the fantastic Desiree Wise and Jodie Andarakis. Our awesome client Dawn and the generous owners of the mansion that we were filming the house scenes in made our jobs so much easier.

10am: With 3 scenes already shot and the schedule well underway, our very manly Producer proceeds to add some girly touches to the star wand so that the ribbon flies really nicely in slow motion. Inspired by all his favourite superhero action movies, he gets all the pieces right and it works like magic for the shot. Nice one AJ.

12noon: Crew and cast wolf down lunch as we fire on through the day. A couple more hours before we relocate to the Response office to film more internal scenes.

2pm: Relocate to Winston Hills Mall. Cast arrive ahead of schedule at the new location.  The crew do fantastic job in lighting up a challenging set in minimal time – nice work Luke, Jordan and Chantale. The Director’s starting to paint his canvas, decaf soy caramel latte with a biscotti in hand.

2-6pm: We shoot a series of client service related scenes in slow motion.  The folks at Winston Hills Mall were very gracious and gave us the flexibility we needed to get some really cool shots.

We get all the shots we want, the client is happy, we are happy. That, is a wrap. Watch the video.