The Mavic 2 Pro Drone


After waiting for years amidst speculation around Mavic’s much anticipated new drone the Mavic 2 Pro, our expectations were exceeded.

First impressions.

When I opened the shiny box, it felt like a much more solid, rugged, drone compared to the Mavic 1. In particular, it felt heavier and the build quality felt satisfying in our hands.

What we really appreciated were the removable controller joysticks.  These make for easy packing and they are quick and easy to install as well (plus there’s spares!).

Mavic Pro 2

Other cool features

The quality of the image transmitted from the drone to the controller is much better than the Mavic 1, so now we can better appreciate the details of our shot.  Also, thanks to the larger image sensor (increased to 1 inch) the final footage quality is much, much better.

Speed – the Mavic 2 Pro is noticeably faster and handles windy conditions much better. The smart functions of the drone are a lot more intuitive, for example, it’s improved tracking features.

Probably the best thing about this drone is that that it delivers 10 bit video which allows for much better grading than with the Mavic 1 which only went up to 8 bit.  It deals with shadows and noise much better, so our forest skimming shots look way better.

Mavic Pro 2

Yes to this drone, yes.

All in all, the Mavic 2 Pro is an absolute treat to use and worth every penny. It definitely punches above its weight.

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