The start of your video matters the most

Today, getting viewers to watch your video past the first few moments is a big deal, and it’s going to be even more important moving forward. Everyone’s got a short attention span and is facing endless distractions, so starting your video well is key to stopping the scroll. Here’s how you can kick things off to make sure your audience is totally hooked:

1. Open your video with a bang

Start your video with a compelling statement, an eye opening fact or a thought provoking question. Something that makes viewers stop and think, “Wait, what’s this about?” It creates a hook that draws them in immediately.

2. Use eye catching visuals

Open with engaging visuals from the get-go. This could be an epic shot or clever use of your brand visuals. If it’s eye popping, it’ll also help stop the scroll. You can grab motion graphics templates to help with this from the likes of Videohive or Motion Array.

3. Make an emotional connection

People love a story they can relate to so it’s a great idea to get personal to create that bond. Knowing your audience well will make a big difference here.

4. Solve a problem

Straight away, show them that you’ve got what they need. Address the problem and and promise the solution so they keep watching to find out more.

5. Personalise your video

Make it all about your audience by addressing their needs or interests immediately.

6. Be authentic

Despite it being one of the most used words in video content creation, ‘authenticity’ isn’t just a buzzword, it really is the way to create a genuine connection. So, how do you come across as authentic? You need to be real, relatable and unapologetically yourself. It’s about ditching the façade and embracing your way of speaking, quirks and mannerisms. For example, if you’re presenting a piece to camera maybe ditch the autocue and speak from the heart – do it in short segments. Authenticity in video content is irreplaceable and it resonates- it builds trust, fostering a deeper bond with your audience. When you’re being authentic, you invite others to relate to you, engage with you and believe in your message. It’s not about perfection but rather about sincerity, drawing people in by showing the person behind the screen. Give it a go.

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