Unsure how to script your video?

Unsure how to start on your video script? Your key messages are the solution.

If you’re not sure how to script your video, break it down into specific key messages. Start with your top 3 key messages.

The trick is to define what it is you want your audience to walk away knowing or feeling after they’ve watched your video. Write it down, be very specific with this. For example:

1. Who we are – “We are a leading financial services organisation with a brand new service that helps you to get your mortgage paid off sooner.”

2. The features of our offering – “You can do it through our app”, “You can get approval within 24 hours”, “Update your profile at any time and recalculate your savings as you go”.

3. How it’ll make your life better – “Shave up to 10 years off your mortgage.”

Keep your video script short

The kinds of videos we’re talking here need to be short, so be direct and concise when writing out these key messages. After around 2 or so minutes you’ve probably lost your target audience and if you’re trying to promote something you should stick to a minute or under, otherwise according to the stats, you’ll lose half your viewers pronto.

Express your key messages in your written brief in no more than 2 sentences each.

The messages must be single – minded and tie together nicely, to avoid ending up with a wishy-washy video.

Viewer first


Above all, write the key messages from the viewer’s perspective as opposed to yours, what is it about the key message that matters to the viewers?

Once you’ve done that, you’ll set your video up for success.

Ajit Singh is the Executive Producer at Sydney based video production company Rocket Productions. Get more useful tips here.