Need a concept for your video? Here are 3 video concepts ready to go.

Video Production Tips

After you have come up with a name for your video, you need to come up with a video style, or a video concept. Make your life a lot easier and use one of these.

How do I come up with a video concept?

Pretty much, a video concept is a way of bringing your video brief alive. A concept can come from anywhere; it can come from a brainstorming session, it can come from walking down the street and seeing something that inspires you, it could come from internet research, it could come from any of those places, or anywhere else.

3 video concepts that you can use now

(1) Piece to camera like what I am doing in the video for this blog post. Here, your talent is speaking directly to camera.

(2) Interview, where your talent is speaking to an off camera interviewer (who gets cut out of the video in the edit)

(3) Animation – an animation of images or an animation of text over images (for starters).

There’s lots of other ways to make corporate videos, but those three ways are probably the most popular, and are a great place to start.

Ajit Singh is the Executive Producer at Sydney based video production company Rocket Productions. Get more useful tips here.

Video Production Tips
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