Movie Trailer: Behind The Scenes Photos – Day 1

Behind the Scenes

Check out the behind the scenes pics from day 1 of this fun 2 day shoot for UTS:INSEARCH – I Found Another Way Into UTS 2!

Maggs, our camera assistant setting up for our first scene!

MagsDirector Johnny was happy with what he saw.

Johnny and AJWindow cleaning is a serious business!

Window CleanersThe ‘Airport Scene’.

GroupJohnny doing what he does best, directing.

Klodia and assistantsOur make-up and hair artist Desiree with one of the stars – Shelby.

Des and ShelbyD.o.P Luke and camera assistant Jordan setting up for Shelby’s scene.

Luke and JordsMaggs standing in for the talent.

Luke and JordsThe ‘Boy Band’ with their very own security guard.

Boy BandShelby is just so fierce!

Shelby 2The team filmed the ‘chaos’ of this scene perfectly.

GroupiesThat look!

ShelbyThe ‘flick’.



Behind the Scenes
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