Winners Real Estate Video Shoot

‘Winners’ video with ResponseRE

It started off as just another day in the Winston Hills ResponseRE office. Then tables were moved, lights were turned off, the cast took their positions and the filming began. After the sun went down, the troupe relocated to the country club…which has its own helipad (cool). The fantastic cast and crew soldiered on with the filming of the restaurant scenes. Our wonderful client Dawn from ResponseREwas an absolute star and we would contemplate hiring her as a Production Manager for any future shoots we may have. Dawn?

The cast were superb and an absolute joy to have around. It was a long day and everyone remained professional the whole time. Of course we cannot forget to mention the awesome ResponseRE staff who came on board and also contributed to the video. It really was a successful day with everyone getting along and stepping up above and beyond their roles. Some acted as real security guards guarding the catering and others played taxi drivers. Watching everyone connect and make friends was very rewarding.

After a ten hour day and our main man Rupert (the star of the video) maintaining his “winning” smile the entire shoot, it was time to call it a night. The Chrysler was driven away, the sandwiches left uneaten, our client was happy and we could all go home to bed.

Everyone went above and beyond and had an awesome attitude. It was by far one of the most enjoyable shoots we have ever done and we’d do it all again in a heartbeat.