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Historically, one of the most effective ways for a brand or company to appear more relevant and up to date with the world of popular culture is to bring a celebrity or popular media personality on board with their advertising campaigns. Whether it’s a new product or campaign launch, a traditional TV ad, or an online video series, a celebrity ambassador can really take your next video campaign to the next level, as fans and followers of the celebrity are more likely to get on board with whatever it is they’re promoting in a video. One of the key reasons for this is that celebrities who are involved with product and campaign videos are more likely to share these videos with their large social media followings – which in turn, equals greater exposure for you and your brand. Rocket Productions has extensive experience with creating brand ambassador and celebrity endorsement style videos for a range of different clients, from Panasonic to Pantene, MasterCard and Vaseline.

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Brand Ambassador Videos Showreel

EY_Logo_Beam_Tag_Stacked_RGB_EN“Ajit and his team are the real deal when it comes to professional video production. Fantastic production quality, quick turn-around and very accommodating every step of the way. Looking forward to working together on some more great content!”

Danielle Lyon | Marketing Operations Manager, Thermomix

EY_Logo_Beam_Tag_Stacked_RGB_EN“We came all the way from Switzerland for a film project in Sydney. AJ was very much helpful with all preparations beforehand. He really understood our needs and worries while planning a project on the other side of the world. Thanks to him we had great and efficient three days of filming, the whole team was very well prepared, extremely professional and easy going. So we definitely can recommend working together with Rocket Productions!”

Annett Werner | Brand Manager, International Marketing Bernina

We use Rocket Productions to produce quality video content for us. They get to grips with the brief early and provide excellent advice on production that adds to a high standard of finished content. They are also super agile around timescales and budgets. I recommend them highly.”

James Wright | Red Agency, MD Australia and Havas PR Asia-Pacific




Celebrity endorsements and brand ambassador videos

When you’ve gone to the effort of securing a celebrity or prominent expert to become an ambassador for your brand and appear in a video or ad, you want to make sure you show them how professional your organisation is in order to encourage them to come back to work with your brand again. Celebrities often have extremely busy schedules, and so any video shoot in which they’ve been invited to take part must be managed to the strictest of professional standards. This is so that all of the required scenes and shots can be captured as quickly and efficiently as possible, without the need to re-shoot things many times over and waste anyone’s valuable time. While most celebrities & media personalities are genuinely friendly, understanding and an absolute pleasure to work with, if you give them a smooth, positive experience, they’ll be guaranteed to want to work with you again!

Product endorsement videos

When it comes to choosing what products and services to spend their money on, consumers are more conscious than ever of traditional advertising. They want to know that a certain product they’re considering is going to be worth spending their hard earned money on, and often the best way to prove this is to show that professionals and experts in the field have given a product their tick of approval.

Rocket Productions has experience producing videos which feature experts and professionals who have appeared in videos to voice their opinions and tips on using the products and services of our clients. Check out our Makeover by Pantene video, which features celebrity stylist Barney Martin. We’ve also worked with celebrity Masterchefs like Adam Liaw, who has become great a brand ambassador for Panasonic microwaves.

Rocket works hard to ensure that the brand ambassador videos we create for all of our clients are authentic, entertaining, memorable, and serve as a genuine recommendation from the celebrity or popular expert.

Campaign launch videos

For companies launching new campaigns and products, bringing on a celebrity as a spokesperson is a great way to get people talking about the campaign. Rocket Productions has directed and produced videos for a number of different product and campaign launches, including a number of high-profile events at the Sydney Opera House. Check out the MasterCard Priceless campaign launch video, featuring actor Daniel McPherson, or the “”>One Young World launch with Sir Bob Geldof.

Other video production services

Rocket Productions has decades of experience working with clients in a wide range of different industries, from those in the education sector, to financial services clients, tourism clients and professional services companies. Check out our full range of other services:

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