How to get smooth flow when filming an interview

In content creation, meticulous planning and preparation can often make the difference between success and failure. This notion is underscored by the simple yet profound practice of ensuring that scripts are read aloud before  being finalised and shooting beginning.

Timing is Crucial.

Without prior rehearsal, there’s a risk that the final video may far exceed the intended duration, leading to editing headaches and potentially diluting the impact of the message. Longer scripts either lead to longer videos, which in turn leads to higher costs and also risks viewership dropoff or other issues related to the duration not fitting (for example live presentation/event time limits).

It’s Actually Economical.

Moreover, this practice serves as a preemptive measure against the common pitfall of overshooting. Knowing that your script is timed and therefore only contains content that will actually make the cut, you can be sure that your crew will focus on filming the right things when they follow the script. Not filming superfluous things (that will eventually get cut) due to an overly long script, means you can get better quality footage of the things that really matter to your project.

Writing for Reading vs Writing for Speaking.

Additionally, what reads well on paper may not necessarily translate smoothly when spoken aloud. Each medium involves approaching phrasing and flow differently in order to get the best out of it. This is a critical consideration for anyone crafting scripts, particularly for video content.

By reading scripts aloud, content creators can gauge not only the duration of their content but also its tone and coherence. It’s a chance to identify any awkward phrasing, unintended repetition or convoluted sentences that may trip up the speaker or confuse the audience

Reading Your Script Out Aloud: Always a Good Idea.

In essence, reading scripts aloud serves as a litmus test for their effectiveness in the medium for which they’re intended. It’s a proactive step toward ensuring that the content resonates with its audience and achieves the desired objectives. So, the next time you’re preparing to shoot a video or deliver a presentation, remember to read your script aloud. It’s a small but invaluable investment of time that can yield significant dividends in the quality of your final product.

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