Does Lighting Matter?

In video production, an often overlooked yet crucial factor, is lighting. When it comes to corporate communication, the impact of good lighting for video is subtle yet can’t be overstated.

Content v Aesthetic

It’s sometimes argued that content alone is king and technical aspects like lighting are secondary, but consensus leans towards the contrary. Lo-fi definitely has its place, but good lighting really helps if you want to look decent on camera. Quality lighting enhances the visual appeal of videos, elevating the overall production value and capturing the audience’s attention more effectively.

Lighting is about more than just looking good…

And it’s not just about superficially looking good. The less barriers and distractions for the viewer, the more likely they are to take in the messaging that you are trying to get across. A well-lit face where expression and movement can clearly be seen, and where there isn’t distracting shadow, means the information is going to come across more clearly.

Furthermore, good lighting doesn’t just enhance the appearance of the subject but also contributes to the mood and atmosphere of the video. Whether it’s a bright and cheerful vlog or a moody cinematic scene, lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the tone and conveying the intended vibe.

So how do I get good lighting?

The good news is decent lighting often doesn’t always need to be complicated or expensive. Merely positioning oneself to utilize natural or available light effectively can significantly improve the visual aesthetics of the video. Having a light source in front of you as opposed to behind or above is a good rule of thumb. Also consider the time of day that you are filming and whether the light will change significantly. But setting and timing are just some of the factors you’ll be considering and they’re not always in your control, plus you may want a more stylised, niche or high-end look, so where possible bring professionals, like the Rocket team, on board to get the very best result.

If you’re looking to film something new for your business, contact the experienced team at Rocket Productions to get started – we’re here to help.

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