How to get your company Christmas video made in 2 hours

There’s nothing like a quick video to wish your staff Merry Christmas. There’s still time to get this done and if you’re wondering where to start just follow these simple steps:

Here’s the formula for your company Christmas video.

Step 1

Book 20 minutes with your CEO.

Step 2

Grab your smartphone or office video camera and tripod and get your CEO to stand in front of their desk or somewhere that looks good in your office.

Step 3

If you’re not sure what to say in the video, use these easy script bullet points:

  1. How you found the year
  2. Describe one highlight this year
  3. What you’re excited about for next year
  4. Thank everyone for their hard work
  5. Wish them and their families Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
And that’s it. Do each line separately as it’ll be easier for your CEO in the 20 minutes you’ve booked with them. Join the bits together in your editing program, and get the video uploaded. That should take you about an hour, or just 10 minutes if your CEO nailed the bullet points in one take. A simple low fi video like this boosts staff morale and takes minimal effort. It doesn’t need to be fancy at all. If you’re pressed for time, don’t worry about adding music – instead just get your CEO to be warm.
If you’d like help to get this done quickly, limited spots are still available. Packages start from as little as $1,500. Email or call us today on 02 99552681.
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