Your video script is its skeleton

A Great Video Needs a Solid Skeleton & that Skeleton is Called a Script

Without it you have pictures, music and words but no structure. You’re leaving the viewer to their own devices rather than taking them on a journey. Whatever the reason for your video, whether it to be sell, persuade or entertain, the better your script the better your chance of achieving it. A well-written, strategically intelligent script turns the video’s elements into an eye-catching narrative that draws the viewer in while subtly yet powerfully delivering a clear, concise message.

How do you spot a good script? You don’t. As you watch the video you may occasionally hear it in terms of a well-turned phrase but basically it sits behind the scenes directing the traffic and ensuring the communication is delivered seamlessly.

Like any good storytelling, your script will most likely include the following elements:

The Hook


  • Introduce the theme and hint towards what’s to come. Its the ‘hook’ that captures the viewers attention and promises they won’t be wasting their time over the next few minutes.

The Door Opens

The Door Opens

  • Having made the introductions, the script helps the video do its selling, no matter what type of selling that may be. A good script will do this gently, politely and seductively. A bad one will kick the viewer’s door down.

Jet it

Fighter Jet

  • Having done what the video was designed to do, it’s time to retire. Rest assured, viewers will appreciate the company that has the good manners to acknowledge that their viewers are intelligent and their time is precious. So when the job’s done, get the hell out rather than waffle aimlessly.

Okay, so you’ve grabbed their attention, made your sale and started to wrap it all up. Just one thing to go: the call to action. Without this everything else is just a waste of energy and money. What exactly do you want people to do? Is there a number to call, an email to be sent, a site to be visited, or what?

Whatever you do, don’t miss it. An example of a good to action might go something like this: For a great script and even better value, call Rocket Productions on (02) 8667 3239 or email