Location scouting tips

Location, location, location! Location scouting for video production means searching to find the right place to film. This process is an essential part of pre-production.

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Sick Drone Moves

The popularity of drones has surged over the recent years, unlocking a different perspective for a broader group of content creators. Drones are becoming more regulated and monitored to attempt in creating a safer environment for both pilots and nearby people. This week, we went over to Long Reef Point to capture some sick drone shots.

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The Shreditor – Bringing DIY to filmmaking

To the many of you who may not have heard of the term ‘shreditor’ before, it is a recent name used to describe filmmakers who are responsible for shooting, editing and producing their own projects. A shreditor is an individual with skills in various aspects of production; they’re someone who acts as a one-man-band in creating videos and someone who brings the DIY ethic to professional filmmaking. 

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How to come up with a video concept

Establishing a concept is the starting point of any creative process. A strong video concept can come from anywhere. Often it’s derived from some serious brainstorming, other times it’s found in a moment of inspiration. 

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Where does virtual reality belong?

VR is here, but it still feels like everyone is a little unsure about what to do with it. That hasn’t stopped a whole range of industries from picking it up and trying to adopt the new medium for their own. Virtual reality producers, creatives and engineers are having fun playing around, and just like in the beginnings of all new mediums, we see them experimenting and taking the platform into a number of fields.

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How to choose the right video editing software

Video editing is the art of telling a story with images, both moving and still.  Video editing falls into the ‘post production’ stage of video production.

A video editor is a technically inclined person who makes creative video editing decisions in post production.

You may ask, “What does this have to do with me?”

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