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Video Production Basics: 5 ways to film good looking interviews

There are many reasons for filming an interview. You may want to promote your business, train your staff members, inform your clients or simply spread a message or all of the above.  Sure, you can shoot an interview just holding the camera, using the built in mic on the camera and no additional lighting. But will it look good?

Unfortunately, no.

To present your business professionally,  you will want to use the methods in this article to achieve the best looking video possible.

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Cinemagraphs are cool

Cinemagraphs are a great communication tool.  They draw your attention to just a particular section of an image through subtle motion, without being ‘in your face’.

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Video Production Basics: Assembling your in-house video kit

In house video production kitWe all have a need to film video for our businesses. Whether you’re a small business operator or an integral part of large company or corporation, video production is an important part of your marketing as video is a great way to communicate to your workmates and clients.

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Training Videos

Training videos are the perfect way to train staff in multiple locations, at any time of the day. Long gone are the days of actually having to attend a training session.

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Nikon D750 DSLR Camera Review

There are many features cinematographers & videographers have been asking for in DSLRs for many years. Canon, Nikon and Sony have been trying to strike equilibrium between features, functionality and price. Nikon has delivered this the perfect answer. The D750.

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6 tips for your corporate video

There’s no doubt about it, videos are a superb way of getting your message out.

This article will give you 6 tips on how to improve the content of your interview video, whether it’s for internal or external communications.

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